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ome, fill your tiny $35-$55 desktop PC with the kind of apps a PC of that value could never have dreamed of in days gone by. Show it

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Installing Ubuntu
JUST UTTERING the phrase “Installing Linux” will send a shiver down the spines of most humans, but it’s not as terrifying as it used to be. Don’t get overzealous, though: It’s still possible to wipe out your existing OS by pushing the wrong button, a
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Small And Somewhat Mighty
THIS BUILD PROVED slightly more complex to assemble than we’d hoped, but that may have come down to our ham-handedness while trying to plug in tiny I/O cables inside this cramped case. The finished product looks good and runs great, though, with sati
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Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless
WE HAVE REVIEWED hundreds of peripherals over the years, and we have become rather blasé when we receive them. They are usually so similar it is rare that something really manages to excite us. However, when we received the Pwnage package, we were li