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Universal Audio Apollo x6 £1,800

Full Review: FM340

The new series is, sonically, now a match for any rival interfaces. If you’re tempted by the UAD ecosystem,

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Formed in 2018, RAS is a Berlin-based, Israeli-born trio that soak up international influences to deliver a swashbuckling, melting pot of far-flung sounds. The multi-instrumentalists and producers Dekel Adin, Eden Leshem, and Guy Gefen released their
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Generate New Musical Ideas In Ableton Live
Keeping drum patterns interesting over an arrangement can be a long process, however, using Live 11’s Take Lanes and Comping in a creative way can help make this easier. Additionally, spicing it up with Spectral Resonator can result in some extra mov
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Creative Drum Programming
01 We start by programming a four-to-the-floor kick using Drum 1. To make the most of the limited tracks, we’ll have Drum 1 double up as a percussive bass part. By holding a sequencer step and selecting a new sample, we can insert a ‘sample flip’ to