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THE KNOWLEDGE: Deathwatch beetle

There are a few words that strike terror into the heart of homeowners, and right at the top of that list is deathwatch beetle. Perhaps this is, in part, influenced by the cultural associations of the tiny, wood-boring insect. The ticking, or tapping sound it makes at night during the mating season has historically been heard by those keeping deathbed vigils, and this has led

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Choosing A Build Route
Self-build is a broad church and there are many routes to getting an individual home built. Most self-builders choose one of the following routes: • Project managing the build themselves, including hiring and coordinating subcontractors – such as plu
Homebuilding & Renovating4 min letti
Cil Exemption: How To Follow The Four-step Process
To claim the CIL exemption for a self-build home, you need to follow four specific steps. Failure to follow them exactly can result in the full CIL liability becoming payable and there is currently no appeal process to remedy a failure to comply with
Homebuilding & Renovating1 min letti
Remember To Factor In The Following Costs...
In addition to the plot and total build cost, there are other costs associated with building a home that need to be accounted for, including those associated with purchasing the plot (legal fees and stamp duty), a topographical survey, any surveys yo