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Conquer weeds

Every garden has weeds. They travel from one spot to the next by any means they can — wind, water, birds and animals. But if you’re armed with a little knowledge about a weed’s life cycle, you can attack it when it’s most vulnerable, which makes getting your garden in shape much easier on you.

Most weeds are annual, biennial or perennial. Let’s start with annuals and biennials, then on the next pages move on to perennials.

Annual weeds grow, flower, set seed and

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Vegetable Plating Guide
One of the most challenging aspects of vegetable gardening is trying to figure out when to plant each type of crop. Some vegetables are cold tolerant and can be planted as soon as the soil thaws in early spring. Others are frost-sensitive and can’t b
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Marbleize Your Plain Clay Pots
Of all the ways to paint clay pots, creating this marble effect with spray paint ranks at the top for us. The finish is classy and a cinch to pull off. But the end result resembles high-end marble. Check out the materials list below and you’ll see th
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Test Garden Tryout
We grow as many new plants as possible in our test garden each year so we can share our experience with you. The patio looked great last summer with the new Double Up wax begonias and Medusa Green sweet potato vine mixed in with some old favorites.