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8 – Jamil Jan Kochai is a novelist published by Bloomsbury. He was born in Pakistan and grew up in America. He is a Truman Capote Fellow at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

10 – Brenda Dzangare is an urban fantasy fiction writer, author of the Calah Crown series and has written five books for children.

Christian Butler-Zanetti is a London-based author, artist and musician. He recently left his

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The first few hours are the hardest. The urge to turn on the TV or your phone is strong, powerful even. It's like a drug, that pull, that need, to go online, to watch something, to buy stuff, but it never lasts long. Within a matter of hours, you beg
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To Eat Your Own Children
To eat your own children is a barbarian act. The Soviet regime printed this on posters during the Great Famine. Ildiko learned this while studying wartime Europe in the sixth grade. To her, Europe was a faraway land where either beautiful or horrible
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Bark Beetle To Bard
You break the silence with your chainsawsthen call us an outbreak.You fell a forest with monstrous easethen call us a disease.You make our bodies acheand chirp, yet all you hear is applause. Yes, we burrow through barkand build our galleries in the w