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If you’re as old as me, you might remember repeatedly playing the contents of every PC magazine cover disk going, mostly because you couldn’t afford to actually buy any new games. And the PC demo that I got the most mileage out of by far

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The Cave
Not every danger is clearly labelled. There’s no combat in The Cave, and very little in the way of peril – you can’t die, and doomed interactions with monsters always result in a quick restart. But the biggest antagonist here is a rope. You will grow
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The Source Engine
There’s a dead end junction, late in Half-Life 2’s airboat segment, that’s fairly easy to miss. It’s nothing special to look at. A concrete run-off with a few shanty houses and a handful of zombies. But this corner, with its distant chirping of crick
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The On Ball
In this rather complicated sports sim, it’s considered a good match if you can make it to half-time without either team captain being assassinated or marrying a sibling. The fog of war keeps each match surprising, though things do have a tendency to