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If you’re as old as me, you might remember repeatedly playing the contents of every PC magazine cover disk going, mostly because you couldn’t afford to actually buy any new games. And the PC demo that I got the most mileage out of by far

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Controlled Crouch
It turns out Halo’s analog stick crouch doesn’t work on the digital inputs of WASD. The fix, coming soon, is noticeably faster. “You do get more freedom to crouch as you’re moving,” says Sean Swidersky. “Some users feel this is natural for sure, but
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Honey Trap
If you’ve ever made small talk with a bee, you’ll know that they take their work awful seriously. Inquire about their leader, Jerry Seinfeld, or try to convert them to salted caramel, and they’ll just sit there, sticking their beaks in your flower be
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Climbing The Leaderboards In Hitman 2
When PC Gamer’s former editor-in-chief Samuel Roberts tweeted that he’d claimed the top spot on the leaderboards for the Hawke’s Bay level of Hitman 2, I felt like I had something to prove. I’d reviewed Hitman 2. I’d reviewed every episode of 2016’s