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You’ve come of age. It’s time to leave your hometown and explore the rest of the world, catching wild animals that roam the tall grasslands and battling other trainers. A professor gives you a starting critter and a piece of tech that logs all the wild creatures you come across. Sounds a bit familiar, right?

This is the opening of creature-collecting

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“We’ve Gone Behind The Scenes To Test Its Turn-based Chops”
There’s something wonderful to me about an idea as ridiculous as ‘what if orcs played American football?’ enduring for 35 years and counting. Not just enduring, in fact – thriving, with a new edition on the tabletop and a new videogame adaptation hea
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Must Play
The new Lab of Legends mode brings solo adventures to this competitive card game. There’s something wonderfully subversive about the way it takes the same cards you use in the tightly balanced PvP mode and lets you stack wacky new effects onto them a
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The Sims 4
After begging and pleading for the better part of six years, Sims fans finally got bunk beds in The Sims 4. Sure, they were broken and buggy, and turns out the team hadn’t actually finished coding them, but they were there! At long last! One bed on t