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Sometimes all a game really needs is a good Undo button. Wargames can be intricate things, full of edge-case rules and surprising mechanics – how do bridges work, again? Can this unit attack after moving? The complications are myriad. The power to take back an accidental click, avoid a misunderstood mechanic, or dodge a dodgy combat resolution is powerful. Euphoric, even.

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PC Gamer9 min letti
Games Workshop gave up on Blood Bowl for a long time. A fantasy football game for teams of 11 to 16, it was never going to move as many miniatures as wargames you have to buy entire armies for. An official player committee was given the task of upda
PC Gamer1 min letti
Another World
The bizarre, fart-filled first adventure. A bold (one-footed) leap into 3D. A remake of the first game, reintroducing Oddworld. This sequel was the inspiration for Soulstorm. A wild west first-person shooter spin-off. This… this is the one you’r
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The Spy
The Spy is outraged! Incensed! Scandalised! Other synonyms! Having just returned from the dead drop that receives The Spy’s subscription of PC Gamer, The Spy was horrified to learn of the existence of a game that glorifies supervillains and the secre