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 Just a skip off bustling Upper Street, Islington Square is a new residential and lifestyle development with ground-floor spaces hosting a selection of shops, cafés, restaurants and social hubs.

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Homes & Gardens3 min lettiArchitecture
Peace Treaty
There is a zen-like calm that pervades this Victorian townhouse in London’s Holland Park, encouraging shoulders to descend from ears the moment one crosses the threshold. ‘Someone described being in the house as a decluttering of the mind, which I th
Homes & Gardens1 min letti
Style Report
SHOPPING  The traditional American detail is here to stay  Making waves – from furniture shapes to decorative patterns Sculptural forms and natural materials triumph  This timeless classic sees a resurgence
Homes & Gardens2 min lettiArchitecture
Planning Your Ideal Layout
Take a look at your space and consider your wish list. The fittings for a family bathroom are likely to be different to a luxurious en suite; a compact wet room different to a large spa-like bathroom. Plot out the fittings in your space, factoring in