HE ROOM IS DARK AND SILENT, aside from the arrhythmic, breathing bodies sharing this space. Images of crevices and canyons shot in the deserts of the American West are over-laid with the transparent glow of vulvas in all shapes and sizes, a convivial gathering of millennia-old vaginas. Rocky strata merge with fleshy folds into a palette of browns and deep reds. a silent film because she “wanted the audience to hear themselves breathe,” your own body becoming the soundtrack for this erotic landscape.

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A Mindful Mykki?
After a whirlwind of three years traveling the globe for numerous projects—including portraying Joan of Arc in Madonna’s “Dark Ballet” video—genderqueer musical sensation Mykki Blanco admits it almost felt as though the world stopped spinning when th
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Touch Me
I’M SURE I’M NOT the only single gay guy perusing hookup apps while in quarantine, but after being alone for a significant period of time like the isolation we’re going through now, touching ourselves to images on a screen just won’t cut it. Sooner o
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Generation VOGUE
LEIOMY MALDONADO is known as the “Wonder Woman of Vogue” for a reason. A title bestowed upon her by Icon Gorgeous Jack Gucci, one of ballroom’s most influential figures and a bit of a name maker, the name refers to her innovation on the floor—most no