Keeping the Faith


y spirituality is so individual that I don’t expect anyone to really understand it. I grew up half-Hindu and half-Catholic. When my father was 17, he read and decided he wanted to raise his kids in a faith different from traditional Chrisitianity. My mother was raised Catholic. I was essentially praying to the Virgin Mary, and to Krishna, but I had the ability to navigate through my own spirituality. At 10 years old, I discovered Wicca. My dad was cool, but my mom freaked out. I later found the Self-Realization Fellowship, a religion often called “The Church of All Churches.” It helps you feel peace with whatever you’re going through. My spiritual practices are a part of the way I express my love for life through my body. Now, I’m in a place in my life where I am in love with myself and I can say it. It’s about realizing this is the only temple we

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Learn It And Learn It Well
THERE’S A TON of voguing content out in the world and has been for decades. If you’re just interested in seeing the action take a spin around the Ballroom Throwbacks or SugarChampagne channels on YouTube, any number of voguing-centric accounts on Ins
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Socially Distanced
The current pandemic may have forced us indoors and away from our favorite gathering places, pickup joints, and live events but many of us are making the most of our temporary downshift to a quieter life. Though the challenges of life vary wildly dep
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HOW DO YOU PULL TOGETHER an issue that is true to your vision of showcasing Pride and the Black experience while in the midst of a nationwide lockdown caused by a pandemic unlike anything we’ve seen in a century? If the year is 2020, you DM people. I