I first met Ingit Anand when he picked me up from my office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in early 2014. I had just moved there, to India’s second-most populous city, to set up trail runs and mountain bike races after spending two years in Delhi running an adventure magazine called The Outdoor Journal. Two exhausting years in a place where I could only cycle in gyms because traffic was deadly, and running was tough in parks full of stray dogs, sacred cows, and deadly snakes. My TT bike needed some exercise. I needed a friend. Ingit wanted some inspiration and guidance in a sport that had just recently captured his imagination.

I had registered for Ironman Malaysia, my 10th Ironman, and I needed some guidance on where to train in the city. Ingit, the friend of an office mate, was only dreaming of triathlon at the time. He had never done one. He was a promising construction engineer in his early 30s, struggling with his parents’ choice of a spouse for him. Ingit picked me up to show me around the best local public pools in town. While winding through rush hour in his car, he engaged me passionately about what I had taken for granted my whole life in the West: disciplined swimmers in warm-water covered pools, bike lanes on well-paved roads, lighting in the street at night, safe trails in the woods, no snakes,

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It’s Called Progress
A BRIEF COMPLAINT FROM A SALTY TRIATHLETE This year, I got two fancy new bikes—a road bike and a TT bike. And because they are fancy and new, and because of all the exciting innovative innovation in cycling the last few years, nothing on the two new
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First Wave
BACK AT IT: Charlotte McShane and Emma Hogan charge to the front of Race 1 of the 2XU Triathlon Series in January at St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia—where some racing has resumed. McShane won the sprint-distance race, Hogan was second, and Grac
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Bikes Wheels
RATING: BASICS: Rim brake wheels with an aluminum rim and a carbon aero fairing ▶ Great stopping power ▶ Optimized for wider tires ▶ Robust ▶ Reinforced fairing to aid in tubeless installation and improve longevity ▶ Good value ▶ Braking surface is s