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“No matter what diet you follow, getting in sufficient amounts of calories around training is essential for performance,” says Shawn Wells, a certified sports nutritionist, nutritional biochemist, and registered dietitian. “If you are trying to perform optimally and improve as an athlete while following a typical calorie-restricted, weight-loss diet, you are probably not going to get those time-trial PR’s very often, if at all. Under-fueling as an athlete leads to under-performing.”

If you

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Talk About It
Advocating for things you care about can be hard. But if we, who spend countless hours outside, don’t speak up about our environment, then who will? Here’s how to contact your elected officials to let them know you care about climate change: - By pho
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Honorable Mentions
Nationwide | When tri clubs pivoted to online workouts, accessibility wasn’t always at the forefront. Dare2Tri stepped in to fill that gap, creating accessible weekly virtual bike and strength workouts for paratriathletes around the coun
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How To Be A More Sustainable Athlete
Air travel is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Flying from New York to Houston, for example, to race in Ironman Texas will contribute 403 kilograms of harmful CO2 to the atmosphere. Find a race within easy driving distance