I wake up at 5am and begin training within 15 minutes. Should I fuel first?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to fasted training, primarily around sex differences and the type of session you are going to do. If you are a guy, then no, you can

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ChEAT Sheet
$35 for 10-portion sachet pack Often referred to as “nature’s multivitamin,” bone broth has been the secret nutritional weapon of many top pro triathletes for years, but it’s only recently come to the forefront of the sports nutriti
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How Findlay Fuels
6 A.M. Wake up, walk, and feed our puppy Flynn 7 A.M. Breakfast, usually two pieces of Dave’s Killer Bread toast with almond butter, honey, and two tablespoons of hemp seeds, plus cappuccino with oat milk and a glass of OJ 9 A.M. Snack with trainer w
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Balancing Act
As an adventurous child growing up in Ireland, Ivan O’Gorman raced BMX bikes and rode horses. In his late teens, he played rugby for his home country. It makes sense, then, that joining the corporate world in his twenties left O’Gorman a bit disillus