Among the warriors and pilgrims who arrived in the Middle East during the Crusades were European immigrants eager to begin a new life in a new land. Historians have long assumed that the vast majority of these people, typically called Franks though not all were French, huddled in well-protected towns

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Oldest Maya Temple
The oldest and largest ceremonial structure in the Maya world has been hiding in plain sight on a Mexican cattle ranch near the Guatemala border. “It just looks like part of the natural landscape,” says University of Arizona archaeologist Takeshi Ino
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Create Your Legacy
We would be delighted to include you in this special group of benefactors. For more information, please call (857) 305-9357 or visit Archaeological Institute of America honors friends of archaeology who have named the
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Regio V Excavations
Although Pompeii has been almost constantly excavated since the mideighteenth century, around one-third of the city still remains buried beneath 20 feet of volcanic debris from the a.d. 79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Archaeologists do not often get a