opular interest in the past is often focused on the political or spiritual centers of ancient cultures—capitals such as Rome or Teotihuacan, for example, or the religious complexes at Saqqara in Egypt or on the Acropolis in Athens.

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Enduring Rites Of The Mound Builders
The site of a three-story-high earthen structure known as Dyar Mound now lies beneath central Georgia’s Lake Oconee, a reservoir created by a dam built in the 1970s. Before the dam’s construction, archaeologists excavated the mound, which was origina
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Offerings At Sea
When hundreds of Phoenician ceramic figurines and vessels were first recovered from the seafloor off northern Israel almost 50 years ago, archaeologists interpreted the artifacts as cargo from a fifth-century b.c. shipwreck. Now, University of Haifa
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