Perfect Your Protein

Many people want to know the “secret” to good body composition—the one magic bullet. But as a registered dietitian with years of working with climbers and other athletes, I can assure you that, first, there is no one secret—just smarter approaches to nourishing. Second, there is no one “best” macronutrient; carbs, fat, and protein each have multiple biological purposes, so it’s unwise to entirely eliminate or focus on any one. And third, more is not always better with anything “beneficial” to our nutritional health—instead, we should focus on timing, portion size, and listening to our bodies. Still, that said, I’m willing to bet most climbers could step their game up simply by eating more protein.


The basic USDA recommendations for we consume and If you’re trying to reduce weight, increase power, hasten recovery, and improve how you nourish overall, adopting a high-protein diet is a great place to start.

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