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Inspiring Inclusivity

According to a 2017 report by Marijuana Business Daily, only 17 percent of cannabis-related businesses employ minorities in an executive position. While this is slightly higher than the overall average of U.S. businesses (13 percent), it’s still clear that the booming industry is in need of more diverse leadership. This is something that Roz McCarthy is looking to change with her nonprofit organization Minorities for Medical Marijuana.

Based out of Orlando, Florida, Minorities for Medical Marijuana looks to make the cannabis space more inclusive by utilizing education, thought-provoking events, and advocacy. The organization has big plans for 2019, such as working towards the decriminalization of cannabis possession, creating a diversity plan for license applicants, and pushing a bill resisting a monopoly in the medical marijuana industry. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis, Roz McCarthy, who spent 25 years working in healthcare management, radiates a passion for what her organization stands for, something that became clear throughout our conversation. In this exclusive interview, she reveals the inspiration that led to creating Minorities for Medical Marijuana and the nonprofit’s major progress in the tech world.

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