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A Northern Light

There are few companies that have experienced such rapid growth as Aurora Cannabis. The publicly traded juggernaut started selling medical marijuana from its headquarters in Cremona, Alberta in 2016. Since then, its operations have spread to 23 countries, allowing the company to claim its place as the second largest producer of cannabis on the planet.

Their diverse array of acquisitions and assets have given Aurora incredible production potential, with their peak annual output estimated to reach between 700,000 - 1.2 million kilograms a year with their current projects.

Their gregarious and charismatic frontman, Chief Corporate Officer Cam Battley, touts the company’s achievements with the same enthusiasm one would expect from a boxing promoter. Yet he does so with the eloquence of a man who spent his career working in medicine. His background in biopharmaceuticals gives Battley an air of confidence that’s backed by an expansive knowledge of industry best practices. We spoke with Battley to

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