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Maggie’s newest cookbook, A New Way to Food, was created to enlighten others on a fresh way to eat. Her personal struggles, victories, and lessons were the key ingredients to making healthy eating a priority. Maggie’s story inspired all of us on staff, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you, along with a few of her tasty salads.

Some of those wholesome recipes include her Spring Roll Salad that’s just as delightful as it sounds, a creamy salmon and fennel salad that’s bursting with sweet, fresh strawberries, and her Niçoise Pasta Salad, a quick dish that allows you to use whatever veggies your heart desires. Plus, there’s a refreshing corn and tomato salad topped with crushed tortilla chips.

And she found an essential step in sticking with healthy eating was revamping her pantry. With a revamp of ingredients, Maggie’s recipes became more wholesome and desirable on both the palate and plate. Maybe

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In The Now
We’ve all eaten or used sprinkles and colored sugars for baked goods, and they’re usually made with artificial dyes. If you’re sensitive to those dyes, or just want to go more natural with your baking, check out The Watkins Co. They’ve started making
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We’re heading into high season for roasting. Be prepared with a pan that has all the right stuff. ROASTING PANS ARE PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD — their main purpose is as a vessel for roasting meat. But they should also be capable of standing up to stov
Cuisine at home1 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Knife Tips
The chef’s knife is used primarily for chopping. Using the very tip of the knife, you can dice things like shallots. Use the wide flat part of the blade as a hammer. With a sharp rap of your hand, garlic and ginger are easily crushed. The curve