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vegetable that really comes to life once cooked. How anyone ever discovered this is a conundrum. It’s considered a perennial thistle, characterized by prickly petals, and only parts of the artichoke can be consumed. The outside of the artichoke bulb features green petals, which, for the most part, are stringy, fibrous, and not ideal to eat. The edible portion is at the bottom of the petals, where there’s a tiny bit of soft flesh. The outermost layers tend to be the toughest — the leaves get softer as you get closer to the center. Once you reach

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‘Tis The Season Of Sweets
The brownie dough is soft and benefits from chilling between steps. If you notice the dough getting too soft, just pop it back in the fridge to chill again. Makes 36 cookies Total time: 45 minutes + chilling & baking 11/4 cups all-purpose flour1/2
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Beef Beef Up Up
Step aside, turkey — this holiday season we’re giving you two irresistible beef dishes. First, a fillet of beef topped with pâté and mushrooms that’s wrapped in pastry. The BEEF WELLINGTON is a rich and impressive dish begging to be served for a spec
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Happy Homemade Gifting
The holiday season causes enough stress and anxiety that gifting shouldn’t be one of them. And, gift-giving need not be expensive or time-consuming — there are plenty of other things that fill that description. Here are three easy ideas — using mater