HELLO Fashion Monthly


Clara Paget has a wicked laugh. “Don’t quote me on this,” she says, before cackling, “I don’t know why I actually said that when I’m doing an interview.” We’ve just finished the cover shoot and the model, actress and charity ambassador is still full of energy, chatting animatedly as she changes into her own clothes – declaring how much she loves comfort as she pulls on her rubber-soled Maje boots. “I really liked the white dress I wore today, I took a picture of the label,” she says, reaching for her phone. “Here it is, the brand is Dafna May,” she recalls, showing the image she has kept for reference.

As we head across the studio to the dining table Clara mentions how, impressively, the catering and production on the shoot was pretty much plastic free (phew). “All except for this,” she smiles, pointing at some clingfilm that’s sitting under a half-eaten chocolate cake. “I’m not sure if you saw in the news this week, but there was a whale that was washed up on

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