Independent Living

I’M A TAKE-CHARGE PERSON. MY motto has always been “If it’s to be, then it’s up to me.” But this phone call from my husband Michael’s 90-year-old grandmother blindsided me.

“Bob is nearing his 100-day skilled nursing limit,” Mam Ma said. “He’s still not able to care for himself. Can you find a place we can live near you? We have until January 25.”

I’d known Mam Ma’s 68-year-old son, Bob, had been having falling spells in October and gone to a nursing home for inpatient physical therapy. But I was clueless about Medicare and what it did and didn’t pay for. It had never occurred to me that he’d need someplace entirely new to live. Within six weeks, no less!

“I’ll see what I can find,” I said and hung up, feeling the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. There was no one else to help her. My

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