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Holiday Health in a Hot Mug

THERE’S NO NEED to feel conflicted about the choice between natural remedies and over-the-counter prescription medications, because they often complement each other perfectly.

Modern medicine offers advanced diagnostics, lifesaving emergency treatments, and precise surgical and pharmaceutical interventions for conditions that are impossible to treat on your own. It also provides drug-free approaches to healing, such as physical therapy and psychotherapy.

Natural remedies, on the other hand, offer safe, accessible ways to be proactive about your health. You can use them for self-care when you get

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Outdoor Fun for Everyone
ANYONE WHO SPENDS TIME in natural environments also enjoys a lower rate of depression, better memory, and improved blood pressure. Studies conclude that time outside improves brain function and creativity, and that taking breaks throughout the school
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Best For Simple Living
MOTHER EARTH LIVING IS GOING THROUGH SOME CHANGES IN 2020, most notably including a shift to a quarterly publication schedule. So this year, all the personal care, natural beauty, and eco-friendly content you seek will be more seasonally focused than
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Get Creative with Kokedama
THE JAPANESE ART of kokedama developed out of a long tradition first known in China as “Penjing” or “Penzai.” Dating back nearly 2,000 years, Penzai is the art of pruning miniature trees, shrubs, and plants into aesthetically pleasing shapes. It ofte