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During winter in northern Australia, you’ll see thousands of tiny fires dotting the landscape. Some are from lightning strikes, but most are planned ‘burns’ to manage the land. The resulting smoke in the air can detract from the classic landscape photograph, but it can also create some wonderfully atmospheric opportunities, especially at night when the lines of the fire fronts can be clearly seen.

Also emblematic in this part of the world is the shapely boab tree, but it can be challenging to find one suitably positioned, away

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Photography Week4 min letti
Shoot Super-sharp Scenes
Depth of field is one of the first things we learn about when we start taking photographs. This relates to the relationship between the selected aperture value and how much of an image is in focus. Wide apertures like f/1.8 will produce a shallow dep
Photography Week3 min letti
Seeing In Black And White
Purists insist that in order to produce meaningful black and white photographs you must ‘see’ in black and white – move beyond the realism of colour, strip your subject down to its bare bones and previsualise how the final image will look as a monoch
Photography Week2 min letti
The EOS 850d Is Canon’s New Entry-level Dslr
Canon has unveiled the EOS 850D (Rebel T8i in the US) as the new leader of its beginner-friendly DSLR lineup, taking the baton from both the 800D/Rebel T7i and the EOS 77D. So what’s new? Not a lot from the outside, with the 850D’s design very much b