History of War


British Royal Engineers pioneered the use of cartography during the 18th century. They were at the forefront of developments in survey techniques and in 1791 their work led to the official establishment of

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Q-boats Britain’s Deception At Sea
Countermeasures introduced to fight the U-boats included minefields, the defensive arming of merchant ships and the development of the Q-ship, or Q-boat. These were generally small tramp steamers, outwardly scruffy and unworthy of a torpedo, but equi
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Roots Of The War
For well over a century, the Polish national consciousness had existed in a political netherworld. Their country was partitioned three times in the 18th century by powerful neighbours Germany, Russia and Austria, the people of Poland had been subjuga
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Crete 1941
One-hundred kilometres from the mainland, Crete is the second-largest of the Greek islands, a strip of land measuring 258km from east to west and just 12km at its narrowest. Dominated by the White Mountains that form its spine, it has a rich history