Keeping it cool

From the humble cappuccino to the hallowed flat white, Australians love the hot, milky, espresso-based coffees that their country is known for.

However, with such an emphasis placed on espresso-based coffee, Campos Coffee Founder Will Young says many cafés are underestimating the value of adding cold coffees to the menu.

“We just enjoy our milk coffees so much that it’s hard to not think about coffee in that way,” Will says.

Until recently, most Australians’ awareness of cold coffee beverages started and finished with iced coffee – either an espresso served over cold milk and ice with ice cream and whipped cream, or a sugary, ready-to-drink bottle from a shopping centre fridge.

But like the specialty coffee movement did for hot coffee, it has shone a light on the possibilities of brewing coffee cold.

“We’ve learned more about cold coffee and how to make it more appealing. Now it tastes really good,” Will says. “We’re finding methods of production which produce a

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