Final effects

God is the Power that activates the Natural Laws; the Power that nobody has yet grasped or seen, but whose effects every one, daily, hourly, indeed in every fraction

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PEARL8 min letti
Forgiving In Justice And Love
How often should we let someone do us wrong or cause us suffering and we still choose to forgive them? It is a question asked in a variety of ways, ever in the firm conviction that the sufferer has done enough, and that at last he or she can be relea
PEARL25 min letti
The Black Spider
Ever more clearly the belief emerged in her soul that if a priest in the service of the Lord were present at the birth, bearing the sacred sacrament, the sacred love of the Redeemer, and armed with strong spells of exorcism, no evil spirit would be g
PEARL1 min letti
An understanding of the Grail Message, as well as of the previous Message of the Son of God, will only become possible when a human spirit casts aside everything that it has built up with its imagined understanding, and starts from the very beginning