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Ancasta Ownership Solutions sales manager

Our shared ownership scheme is the first of its kind and it’s really taken off. We’ve already got two boats on the water and another in the pipeline.

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Yachting Monthly1 min letti
Lessons Learned
1 As the fire broke out at 0600 we have pondered what could have happened had we been on board at the time. Having thought through (and shuddered at) the consequences, effective smoke alarms will be the first items fitted to our next boat. 2 Take ple
Yachting Monthly1 min letti
Yachting Monthly
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Technical Seacock Misconceptions
How long should your seacocks last? That was the question posted recently on the Yachting Monthly forum along with recommendations for when to replace them and with what. There followed about 90 replies, some of which were, in my view, poor advice. C