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At the moment, you can’t fold a jumper without hearing about the apparently life-changing “home-tidy” Marie Kondo method. But what if there was something more in need of a declutter than our overspilling sock drawer? Just like our homes, our brains aren’t a pretty sight when they’re clogged up with too much bric-a-brac. So it’s important to do a regular brain blitz and clear out our grey matter. Here’s how…

Information overload

Our brains are a feat of nature. Incredibly, they can store as much information as the entire Internet. “We live in an age where there is just so much content available to us at a click of a button,” says mindset and business coach Irene Moore (). As our inboxes are filling up with endless newsletter sign-ups and notifications, so too are our minds. This overload of information can make us feel overwhelmed, and many of us are also making too many commitments. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that each stressful incident could age our brain by one-and-a-half years. So, unwinding is an important step in the decluttering process.

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