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Do you really need to POP THAT PILL?

Who would have thought that a bit of mould could change the course of medicine? That’s what happened by accident, back in 1928, in the lab of biologist, microbiologist and physician Alexander Fleming.

Renowned for his chaotic working environment, Fleming returned after a holiday to find that the staphylococcus bacterium culture he was studying had become contaminated with fungus. He found that this mould – more specifically the ‘mould juice’, or penicillin as it was later

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Look for one with a good level of omega-3 fatty acids and especially EPA as this is most helpful for reducing inflammation. TRY Og Omega-3 plus with EPA (£39.99 for a month’s supply, ogwellbeing.com) These provide the building blocks for cartilage pr
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Self-care for DOWN THERE
We all know it’s good to eat a healthy diet, do regular exercise and take care of our wellbeing, but are we giving our vaginas the care and attention they deserve? A YouGov survey found many women are still massively misinformed when it comes to thei
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Beauty’s IT ingredients
Also known as vitamin B3, this all-singing, all-dancing ingredient can brighten skin, improve tone and minimise enlarged pores. Not only that, it has the ability to strengthen damaged complexions, which can reduce the signs of ageing – one to add to