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▪ A hallmark of a great sailor is the ability to keep calm in a crisis, deal with it, and bounce back. This month I’m highlighting three channels that have recently given viewers a glimpse into how

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Practical Boat Owner1 min letti
E10 Fuel Affects Older Petrol Engines
New biofuel is to be introduced as standard at petrol forecourts this summer. The UK Government has announced that the standard petrol grade in the UK will soon change to become E10. An exact date has yet to be confirmed by the Department for Transpo
Practical Boat Owner1 min letti
Northern Ireland’s Diesel Debacle
Recreational boat owners in Northern Ireland are facing ‘completely unreasonable’ options, following the HM Treasury decision that they must soon use white diesel instead of lower-tax red diesel – in line with EU counterparts. From 30 June, all non-c
Practical Boat Owner2 min letti
Brilliant Used Boats Of Italy And Slovenia
Italy has one of the most active marine industries on the planet and, with more than 4,000 miles of extraordinarily varied coastline, the country offers a rich tapestry of sailing experiences. Its adjoining neighbour, Slovenia, is another marine powe