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I enjoyed “Technology in the Field” [Editor’s Journal, Fall 2018]. I’m a bowhunter because I want to be close to take an animal. Though I use a compound, I feel like technology is encroaching on bowhunting. Battery sights that include rangefinders and lights are diluting the proficiency needed to gauge range and accuracy. We also see this in the push to use crossbows. I am aware of the importance of getting more folks into the field to keep the sport alive, but the article makes a valid point that we shouldn’t lose the

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Seeing Red
AS WE BEGIN A NEW DECADE, handgunners are realizing a new normal: Miniature red-dot sights are quickly becoming the primary sighting system on virtually all pistols, whether for hunting, sport shooting, concealed carry, or service. Don’t be left behi
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Current Perspectives
The visuals on land may have been different, but not the ones in the water. In every place we rowed on this small lake, there were weeds, weeds, and more weeds. Of course, it was the muskies in those weeds that my friend Joe Demalderis and I were aft
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Puppy Pressure
TOM LOY OF TALLGRASS GORDON SETTERS sits by the whelping box, where a litter of 3-day-old setter puppies navigate their tiny universe from behind closed eyes. One by one, Loy lifts the puppies from the box and runs them through a series of brief exer