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Shore Lunch for Barbarians

hen I was a teenager and beginning to take canoe trips into the Canadian wilderness, we brought the kitchen into the woods, toting our great green stoves across lakes and over portages. These bulky contraptions cooked gigantic breakfasts—scrambled eggs, hash browns, stacks of pancakes, heaps of bacon. Through the stove, our camps became partly domesticated places, and not even our wild-caught food escaped its touch. Our lake

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Gobbler Gear
SOME TURKEYS ARE JUST TOUGHER to kill, and for those stubborn (read: Eastern) toms, the right gear does make a difference. It can be frustrating and downright draining to pursue an old longbeard that knows the game too well. So, here’s the good stuff
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Willow Creek
Willow Creek is nowhere. It’s one of countless unremarkable prairie streams too small and intermittent to float a boat but too deep and changeable to cross easily. Even during dry seasons, getting across it requires finding a place where the sheer ba
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The Best Bear Unit In The World
YOU COULD START A FIGHT in most taverns by naming the nation’s single-best deer unit. But throw out the same hyperbole about black bear destinations, and you probably won’t get much of an argument. In part, that’s because bear hunters are a reticent