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FOR THE LAST 75 YEARS, it’s been easy to recognize a Weatherby cartridge. The distinctive double-radiused shoulder is a dead giveaway, as is the proportion of brass (a lot) to bullet. If you had to triple-check, you could look for the belt on the case. Everything from the .224 Weatherby to the .460 Weatherby adhered to this formula. Until now.

With the introduction of the 6.5 RPM, Weatherby has updated its playbook. In keeping with

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Little River, Big ’eyes
TURK GIERKE IS a 20-year fishing guide who lives in the heart of walleye country—Minnesota. But his favorite place to fish isn’t one of the state’s iconic 10,000 lakes. It’s the upper St. Croix River, which is only a few feet deep and less than 100 y
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Oar Power To You
EVERY YEAR, IT seems like some company introduces a new oar-powered boat or raft. And these days, vessels capable of carrying two or more people down a river come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, many of which are affordable, giving lifelong wadi
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The Big Float
The fact that I was even on this trip at all was pure luck. I stumbled into the invite—a float-hunt for caribou through a remote corner of Alaska’s Brooks Range—because another hunter had dropped out. Hard hiking, rafting down fast-flowing rivers, an