The Curious Kid

Inventors come up with ideas that other people might think are wild. They want to make something new, get something to work better, or fix something. They are dreamers. InBae Yoon was like this, even as a child. He grew up in Korea during very difficult times. “When I was a child, I’d spend

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Wonderful Wings
Moths and butterflies are part of the order Lepidoptera, meaning “scaly wings.” The pigments of these overlapping scales can make the difference between life and death. Color patterns in some moths and their larvae (caterpillars) produce what’s known
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Muse News
EVERY YEAR IN NEW YORK CITY, PEOPLE ENTER A CONTEST TO SEE HOW MANY HOT DOGS THEY CAN EAT IN 10 MINUTES. Competitors gulp down each dog and bun in just a few bites. The 2020 winner scarfed 75 hot dogs. Now a scientist says he has calculated the high
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Science @ Work TE JONES
When you see bats flying around at night, they seem silent. But “even though we can’t hear them, bats are actually very loud in their calls,” says Te Jones. They are screaming sounds that are too high-pitched for your ears. Jones is a graduate studen