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In the 1937 book We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea, yachting author Arthur Ransome describes putting to sea with your fenders still hanging down the sides of the boat as ‘like a gentleman coming down to breakfast with his shirt tails hanging out’. He was right then and it is still absolutely true today, it’s very poor form.

If you can’t be bothered to pull in your fenders then this new device from Go Earth Ltd will save your blushes — electric fender lifters. The idea is actually very simple. A box attaches

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My Fantasy Fleet
Being on a boat is a wonderful escape from normal life and its inevitable ups and downs. For me half the fun of having a boat is tinkering around and getting to know and understand all its systems so that when it goes wrong, I am able to fix it. Enjo
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Haines 32 Sedan And Offshore
INBUILD 2014 on wards PRICE RANGE £130,000 - £220,000 Perhaps the biggest clue to the bespoke hand-built nature of the Haines 32 in either Sedan or Offshore guise is found in a small discreet locker low down alongside the helm. Open it and you’ll fin
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DIY Reimagined
The February 2021 edition of MBY carried a fascinating article on a 3D-printed boat, the outcome of which was MAMBO – a futuristic craft the hull of which bore a passing resemblance to Stingray, the iconic vessel piloted by my first maritime hero, su