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Everyone knew D-Day was coming, Americans, British, French, and importantly the Nazis. For months the Allies had been working to misdirect and feed false reports of where the landing would happen, but it was inevitable. What was less clear was how successful they would be. As James Holland, author of and (among many other titles) tells us, it was a one step at a time process. “The one priority of D-Day is to make sure that it doesn’t fail and that trumps absolutely everything,” he insists. “And everyone’s got terribly obsessed about D-Day targets and the fact

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The Pilgrimage Of Grace
The Lincolnshire Rising begins after Thomas Kendall, vicar of St James’ Church, Louth, preaches a sermon that causes concern that the church is in danger from the king’s commissioners. Shoemaker Nicholas Melton leads the Rising, which is joined by th
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Capturing The Moment Of Kingship
Carved stone columns, often erected in the vicinity of temples, can be found all across Maya territory. These so-called stelae are most closely associated with the Classical period. The first surviving example that deploys the Long Date calendar syst
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A Who’s Who Of Maya Kingship
CITY: TIKAL ● REIGN: 379-404 CE Also known as Curl Snout, he supplanted the ruling dynasty at Tikal. His burial reflected the respect he had acquired: his tomb contained a xylophone-style instrument made from turtle shells and the corpses of ten sacr