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Director: Menno Meyjes Starring: John Cusack, Noah Taylor, Leelee Sobieski Country: Netherlands, Hungary Released: 2002

The film follows Max Rothman, played by John Cusack, a Jewish art

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All About History9 min letti
10 Greatest Kingmakers
Among the many things that history can teach us, it’s clear that succession – whether royal or political – is not as straightforward as you might presume. As the term would suggest, a kingmaker is a person or group who’s instrumental in arranging the
All About History9 min letti
Who Were The Black Tudors?
Undoubtedly one of the most popular periods of English history, the Tudor era has been dramatised in various books, television dramas and films, while countless scholars have explored every inch of its history – or so we thought. In her book Black Tu
All About History1 min lettiPolitics
Sanctuary State
It’s frequently assumed that black people who lived in England prior to the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 must have been enslaved. However, among the numerous discoveries to come to light in Kaufmann’s research for Black Tudors is the fact that there