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International Artist7 min letti
Thoughts Of Art
When a work of art doesn’t sell W at an art show, it’s not the patrons’ fault; there are no obligations for purchases. It’s also not the dealer’s fault. I’ll even go so far as to say, to a good extent, it’s not necessarily the artist’s fault. Here’s
International Artist4 min letti
Narrative Portraiture
It is often suggested that we should Ipaint or draw subjects that interest us. My focus for many years has been portraiture in oils or pencil and more recently seascapes; the human face and the sea both fascinate me, perhaps because human skin and th
International Artist4 min letti
Paint to Finish
y approach to painting is very M direct. I am painting what I see with emphasis on the light and shadow. I mix my oil colors directly on my palette as I go. I “paint to finish”—meaning I am very decisive and economical with my brushstrokes making eac