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For someone who doesn’t ski, the sport looks ridiculous. First there’s a skier’s willingness to wear clunky, inflexible boots. Then there’s the cold ride on a chair dangling from a cable dozens of feet over frozen ground. And when you get off? You lose even more mobility by anchoring your feet to two slippery boards and letting gravity take over.

But if you love to ski, those are all little deals you’ll make without a thought. Because being in love with skiing is the cold, clean smell of winter air.

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Portrait Of A Community
State Route 28 will take you to North Creek and, if you’re not careful, right by it. When driving northwest from the Northway, slow down after the Ski Bowl and look for the right onto 28N. At the four corners, turn left onto Main Street. Slow down ev
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In regard to your article about dams on the Saranac River (November/December): The protection/conservation population constantly encourages the use of renewable energy sources. Yet you as a group constantly gripe about solar or wind farms—and heaven
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For Love Of Wild Country
Love brought Diane Fish to the Adirondacks. Although she was raised nearby in Bennington, Vermont, and Williamstown, Massachusetts, she didn’t know about the Adirondacks until she started dating her future husband, Peter, who spent summers in the par