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Adirondack ‘bears’ galore

or years I suffered tardigrade envy. It commenced when my naturalist friend Brad Klein in Brooklyn gushed in an email about a tardigrade he’d seen through a microscope. Brad had rounded up the tiny animal on his own and was exulting. I’d never seen one. Tardigrades (also called “water bears” or “moss piglets”) rank among the most abundant animals on Earth, the Adirondacks included,

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Surviving A Cruel Month
“April,” T.S. Eliot wrote, “is the cruel-lest month.” The poet wasn’t much of a woodsman and never set foot in the Adirondacks, but regarding the perils facing wild animals at the end of a winter, he did a marvelous job of articulating the truth. Cre
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Wilderness Tools
If you come across a trail crew clearing toppled trees in a wilderness area, you may notice them using a crosscut saw. These traditional human-powered saws come in a variety of forms, but are often about 5 feet long with a handle on each end. They we
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By Mike Lynch The three-day, 90-mile Adirondack Canoe Classic, one of the most popular events in the Adirondack Park, is set to come under new ownership by the 2021 paddling season. The nonprofit Northern Forest Canoe Trail signed a letter of intent