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AFTER MORE THAN 20 years A of being a half-assed turkey hunter, I realize I don’t enjoy it that much. This is heresy for an outdoor writer, who is supposed to be crazy about every kind of fishing or hunting, which no one is. Coming out has been daunting, but the estimated 16 to 22 other American hunters who feel the same way at least know they’re not alone. They are in the company of a guy who doesn’t like tons of things—hemorrhoids,

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Bass Brothers
HE HAD INTRODUCED HIMSELF as Diablo. We were sure it was a nickname, but given the language barrier, getting to a real nombre seemed unlikely. Or necessary. The devil it was. He couldn’t have been older than 25, and his English was sparse, but every
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Tree of Life
WHEN I FINALLY REACH MY treestand on the closing day of rifle season, it looks just as I remember it. The camo cushions have faded in the last few years, and the extra-tall ladder is dinged in places, but otherwise it’s in fine shape. The stand faces
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Good Dogs
LEE KJOS NAMES ALL HIS DUCK dogs after Louis L’Amour cowboys, and Cap is no exception. When Kjos went to pick out a Lab five years ago, he had his heart set on a reddish male. But the same yellow pup kept tumbling into his lap until Kjos gave in and