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Barred Belly Masters

hite-fronted geese (aka specklebellies or specks) are handsome birds that respond to calls, decoy well, and taste second to none. But they can be challenging to hunt. That’s why we went to

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Kindred Spirit
I MET NORM STRUNG IN November 1971, after he’d issued an invitation to staff members of the outdoor magazine for which I worked to hunt elk with him in Montana. He had moved to Big Sky Country in 1959, put himself through college, taught college, and
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We Got This
DAVE HURTEAU AND I BELLY-crawled to the ridge crest, where we could finally see the gobbler. He was 150 yards below, strutting under a cottonwood tree with a dozen hens. “What we need to do is fall back, sneak up that creek bed, and show him a fan,”
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2. Head To The Northwest For The Portlandia Slam
A buddy of mine moved from Virginia to Portland a few years ago. He reported that there are a bunch of hippies out there—but also a staggering number of turkeys. I usually take a late-spring turkey trip to Nebraska or Kansas, and as good as those pra