Electronic Musician

Parallel Compressor Vocal Considerations

01 Our track starts with a lead vocal floating over a delicate string pad which is super-fragile. Here, a vocal treatment to match feels appropriate. However,

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Electronic Musician1 min letti
Midnight $46 Looking to take your samples on a crepuscular creep around the edges of the witching hour? With ‘Midnight’ Audiotent serve up a full-sized sample library of the most melodic of techno hooks and textures. This 800MB set, includes MIDI, pu
Electronic Musician3 min letti
Using Articulation To Control Portamento
We have previously explored how legato (connected) and detached articulations can be used to control how envelopes respond, adding nice musical phrasing to your synth solo lines. The same attention to how you consider your touch can also be used to i
Electronic Musician5 min letti
Slash Chords
When you first hear the term ‘slash chord’, you could be forgiven for conjuring up images of heavy metal guitarists with poodle hair and stovepipe hats, but it actually has nothing to do with your favorite former member of Guns N’ Roses. Instead, in