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Pudding loved reading about all the great performers in this issue of Farley the dog, to ballet great Jacques D’Amboise, to the humble street musician in “Farewell.” For this month’s contest, she’s staging dramatic

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Old Cricket Says
CAN YOU IMAGINE spending a summer near the North Pole where the sun shines twenty-four hours a day? The sun is so low in the sky, the slanted rays create continuous daylight that lasts for months. What a summer that would be! Beth A. Clark tells me t
Cricket Magazine1 min lettiHorses
The Pit Ponies
They come like the ghosts of horses, shyly,To this summer field, this fresh green,Which scares them. They have been too long in the blind mine,Their hooves have trodden only stonesAnd the soft, thick dust of fine coal, And they do not understand the
Cricket Magazine1 min letti
New Year’s Eve
The Old Year Is at the station Waiting for the train, A one-way ticket In his hand—He won’t be back again. Where is he heading? No one knows. Some place faraway, His luggage packed With memories Of each and every day. Happy memories, Sad ones, too—Th