Darwin’s Pigeons

How did Earth get so many species? For thousands of years, people wondered.

In the 1840s, one naturalist had an idea. His name was Charles

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Contest And Letters
In our October issue we asked you to imagine yourself with a light-up body part. Thanks to all you illuminating imagineers for sharing your glam! Send your letters to Ask Mail, 70 East Lake St., Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60601, or have your parent/guar
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A Liking for Lichens
Look, here’s some more on a rock. And on this railing. Here are some patches that look like coins. Is it alive? And what is it? This mysterious flaky growth is lichen. Lichens can be fluffy, leafy, bumpy, frilly, powdery, jelly-like, or crusty. Som
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A Day at Cerén
Around 600 CE, a volcano completely buried a Maya village in ash. Earthquakes leading up to the explosion warned the villagers, and they all escaped safely. But nearly everything they owned was left behind, lost in layers of ash. Centuries later, arc