History of War


An SS officer and qualified doctor, Mengele was the chief camp physician of Auschwitz II (Birkenau) from 1943. He became notorious

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First designed in 1936 and then modified to a 1938 specification for a long-range, strategic heavy bomber, the Heinkel He. 177 Greif (‘Griffin’) was another example of exemplary German engineering that would never meet its full potential. The Griffin
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Operation Varsity
The morning of 24 March was bright and sunny. Operation Varsity, the subsidiary assault of the historic Rhine crossing, was poised to bring in reinforcements for the Allied troops on the eastern bank. Standing on a hilltop behind Xanten with Field Ma
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Honour On The Battlefield
Even during the climax of the bloodthirsty Sengoku era, the samurai were men of honour. Their commitment to formality and manners, even in the face of death, at times bordered on the surreal. Although Ieyasu wanted his general Fukushima Masanori to l