And supreme over all the Will of our Creator inexorably manifested and manifests in the irrevocable march of events. On passing into the beyond every human being is divested of earthly power and its protection. Name, position, everything is left behind. Only a poor human soul passes

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From the moment when Christine had scurried down the mountainside with the stolen child to get to the Devil, an unholy fright had gripped the hearts of the peasants. During the terrifying tempest, the folk trembled in deathly fear, for in their heart
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Clarified Spirit Calmed Heart!
Praying is a pathway that is to be well-kept! Several aspects will have a positive effect on the development of a personal prayer culture, namely the trust that we place in prayer, the necessary preparation and the individual shaping of the prayer in
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Final Effects
Viewed from space, our home planet moves calmly with its inhabitants, in an orbit that it has followed for billions of years since it emerged in the solar system. However, what is observed from a distance bears little relation to the inner accelerati