f you’re determined to stay warm this winter then your smartphone can help you stay one step ahead of the weather: there are now dozens of excellent apps for both Android and iOS

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of the best phones of 2021 but comes at an eye-watering price. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has scaled back specifications. This means it’s a more affordable flagship from the Korean giant. Design-wis
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Duncan Bell Is Streaming Forwards
This month I got a very kind email from Disney+, telling me that my year of complimentary streaming, which they had gifted me was coming to an end. There was only one problem with this: I paid for Disney+ about one year ago, and had absolutely no ide
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Best Of the Best
If you’re looking for the very best tech available today, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Best of the Best is the most useful gadget-buying guide you will ever encounter. To create it, we’ve extensively tested the best tech the world has t